IOMC 2025

Obesity and Metabolism

International Obesity and Metabolism Conference (IOMC 2025)

The International Obesity and Metabolism Conference aims to discuss the underlying problems associated with obesity and metabolism that may be responsible for such response. This event is an excellent tool for collaborating with various scientists, professors, researchers, and students to understand and develop novel therapies and treatments for Obesity and its underlying metabolism. The conference is scheduled in Singapore from April 25 to 27, 2025.

Conference Theme: 

Scientific Sessions

Obesity and genetic obesity
Diabetes and Obesity
Nutritional deficiencies in the obese
Genetics and Transplantation of Diabetes
Obesity and Cardiac issues
New Directions in Obesity Treatment
Omega-3 Fats - An Essential Contribution
Diabetes and Obesity Treatment
Eating Disorders and Digestive Diseases
Diabetes, Metabolism, and Obesity

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Some FAQ’s

General Questions

  • When and where is the conference going to be organized ?

    International Obesity and Metabolism Conference IOMC 202 will be held on April 25-27 2024, in Singapore.

  • When does enrollments “IOMC 2025” conference starts ?

    IOMC 2025 registration opens on 18 June 2024. you can register through the below link


  • What does the registration fee include ?

    The offline participants can avail:

    Access to all the conference sessions.
    The conference kit includes name tag, program booklet, and Abstract book.
    2 coffee breaks and lunch will be provided for all the conference days.
    Certificate accreditation from the organizing team.

    Note: Participants registered only for participation are not allowed to present their oral or poster presentations.

    The virtual participants can avail:

    The virtual participants are allowed to present their work with the convenience of their home.
    The virtual participants are also allowed to get access to all the conferences.
    The participants will get an abstract E-book.
    And an E-certificate for the presentation and participation.

  • Do group registrants receive any discounts ?

    Yes, we will provide group registration discounts. It is recommended that a group from the same university or institute planning to attend the conference get in touch with through email: before registering in order to receive a discount.

  • How to submit an Abstract?

    You can submit the abstracts in accordance with the instructions. The webpage contains information about the format and rules. When you are finished, send the document straight via email: or you can submit through online link:

  • How long does it take to contact back once I submit my abstract ?

    Within 2-4 days of submitting your abstract, the team will contact you. But if you don't receive acceptance from team. Please reach us at email:


  • How much time will be given for an oral presenter ?

    Each participant will have 20–25 minutes for the oral presentations. Furthermore, we anticipate you will complete the presentation and Q&A in the provided time. So that everything during the presentation goes smoothly without causing any delay. With regard to the poster presentations, you will have 10 to 15 minutes to complete your presentation along with Q&A.


  • What language should I speak during presentation ?

    The conference will preferably be conducted in English.  Since most people are familiar with the English language, you are encouraged to use the same during your presentation.


  • How can i advertise in the conference ?

    To advertise in the conference website or conference program. Please do reach out at

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